New Industrial Manufacturer joins DPA

May 27, 2016

Council Tool Company is as much about people as it is about tools. After all, it’s people who design the tools and manufacture and market them. The employees at Council Tool are hard-working Americans who take great pride in their work. Their employees have the skills, experience and dedication necessary to produce the quality and value you’re looking for. Council Tool employees, as of 2016, cumulatively have 500 years of tool-making expertise.

Council Tool offers the country’s premier line of heavy-duty, American-made tools for forestry applications and for fighting wildfires. They also serve industries ranging from law enforcement to landscaping—any industry that requires heavy-duty hand tools.

Their full line of professional products includes axes, picks, mauls, mattocks, striking tools, shrubbing tools, digging tools, wood-splitting tools, forged bars, C-clamps and a variety of specialty tools. All products are backed by more than 130 years of quality, reliability and tool-making expertise from one of the oldest forging operations in the United States.

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