1Sourcevend Joins DPA

July 18, 2016

1sourcevend’ vending and scanning technology along with proprietary “cloud computing” software, can help manage inventory from anywhere and report what needs to be replenished via the internet.  1sourcevend is a strategic supplier of “automated fulfillment services to the supply chain”.

•  Lowest total cost through off-site inventory management, e-commerce and automated replenishment 
•  Distributors can provide an efficient low cost solution to their customers while increasing market share through the use of 1sourcevend’ industrial vending solutions 
•  End users can reduce total acquisition costs by reducing vendors, improve supplies inventory management, automate replenishment, eliminate outages and lower total inventory costs through electronic min/max management 
•  Through the use of industrial vending and scanning technology, 1sourcevend can help manage supplies inventory from anywhere

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