DPA Welcomes WizKid Products

October 4, 2016

WizKid Mats are precautionary tools that prevent puddling under urinals which can lead to future odor problems. Left untreated, urine deposits will not only smell bad, but they can cause lasting damage to floors. When urine is allowed to puddle under fixtures, the uric acid and uric salts found in the urine can damage the floor finish or seep into grout, stone and wood floors, causing irreparable damage.

Also, puddles left on the floor aren't just unsightly and unsanitary, but they are also unsafe - users walking by can slip and fall on the wet floor. WizKid bathroom mats are ADA compliant and provide another layer of safety in the restroom.

So, it is essential that facilities improve restroom appearance with urinal mats, which can also help guarantee a cleaner, fresher and safer restroom.

Regardless of style, all urinal mats have the same purpose — to create a better restroom experience for building occupants.

Daily mopping doesn't fix the problem of continual drippings on the floor – the WizKid Mat does.

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