Tolco Corporation ProStop ™ & ProStop Jr. ™

June 16, 2020

Tolco Corporation ProStop TM  & ProStop Jr. TM
Hold Doors Like a Pro
Toledo, Ohio (June 1, 2020) – Tolco Corporation, a leading manufacturer of innovative product solutions for the Janitorial, Industrial, Food Service, Automotive, Beauty & Barber, Animal Health, and Safety markets, offers ProStop and ProStop Jr. doorstops.
Tolco’s ProStop and ProStop Jr. doorstops are a familiar wedge design.  Pro-Stop is a “Giant” amongst doorstops.  It is over 6” long and 2” tall.  The added size allows for superior door holding of commercial doors.  The larger footprint also allows for more grip on carpet.  Pro-Stop Jr. is small but mighty.  It is ideal for office or residential doors.
Please visit to learn more about Tolco Corporation and all the products available, or call (800) 537-4786 for additional information.

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