Durendal joins DPA

March 22, 2018

Durendal LLC presents the DISTRACT-BALL®, a state of the art distraction device that utilizes a combination of high powered CREE LED lights and intense sound to distract and confuse hostile forces. The uses for this ground breaking system are countless from combat room clearing, chemical plant protection to school and residential safety and other civilian protection.

Because the DISTRACT-BALL® does not use combustion or explosive events to generate illumination and sound effects, it can be safely used in any enclosed environments to create effective distraction regardless possible presence of flammable or combustive gasses/chemicals, thus, eliminating the risks of causing damaging and costly explosions.

The DISTRACT-BALL® diverts attention for few seconds in order to give YOU the distinct tactical advantage of controlling the situation and leaves opposing forces confused in its wake.

The DISTRACT-BALL® has a shell made with the toughest and hardest Thermoplastic-Vulcanite available with two high impact resistant lenses and is water resistant, rechargeable and re-usable. Durendal, LLC has developed this cutting edge unit to contain 2 high powered CREE lights, each located on either side and capable of emitting up to 1040 lumens, and a speaker that emits over 110 decibels at a distance of 1 meter: the combination of high sound level and high intensity lights creates a disorienting effect aimed at distracting targeted forces in enclosed environments. Other variations of the DISTRACT-BALL® allow for constant illumination for room clearing and hands-free operations within any given situation.

The DISTRACT-BALL® can also be programmed to customize the delay, start, duration and type (intermittent/strobe or continuous) of both sound and light effects to match each particular application.

CREE LED lights represent a dramatic advancement in LED lighting: they are so powerful that even momentary exposure can have a dramatic impact on the human eye, leaving those exposed significantly hindered for an extended period of time, depending on the duration and level of exposure.

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