DPA Welcomes Landmann Wire Rope Products

April 14, 2022

Landmann Wire Rope Products, Inc. is a wholesale distributor of imported steel wire rope, rigging hardware, chain, cargo control and fastening materials. They are an international division of Gebrüder Thiele of Bremen, Germany.  Their heritage is embedded in Gebrüder Thiele’s rich history of over 165 years of superlative service to its clients here and abroad.  Gebrüder Thiele’s experiences in international sourcing helped establish their wire rope and rigging hardware business in 1983.  Today, in cooperation with GT International, they have established themselves as a market leader on the West Coast of the USA with outlets in Southern California, Northern California, the Pacific Northwest and Omaha Nebraska.  And with their assistance, they have expanded this product line to include many other products.  The key employees at Landmann bring a total of over 100 years of accumulated experience in the rigging industry to provide superlative customer service.

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