DPA Welcomes F-Matic Inc. as a New Preferred Supplier

June 9, 2022

F-MATIC started in 1981 as a business specializing in fine gel air fresheners, deodorizers, and fragrance additives. Inspired by their early success they were driven to look for ways to offer better quality and value to their customers. They decided to expand their business to not only better serve customers, but to incorporate new technologies and products. Over the years they have grown to offer a variety of commercial air-care, skin care, cleaning products, and paper. In the process F-Matic established connections worldwide to help them achieve their goal of developing new and inventive ways to fragrance public spaces. By becoming the manufacturer of award-winning passive air fresheners, they have the ability to keep prices and minimums low while creating employment opportunities for many in their community.

F-MATIC is committed to serving you. They have developed valuable relationships with customers and are proud to be large enough to deliver on any size order and small enough to know their clients and give them the personal attention that they’re known for.



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